Agreeing with someone. We're in the shadows.

2009-10-24 17:27:16 by Lukeyjohnno /post/391708


Enough said.

SMBZ This, SMBZ That.

Guys, stop comparing everything to SMBZ!!! Me and Shade are sick and tired of hearing the same sh*t!

SMBZ isn't the only great flash out there you know, Shade put's his heart and soul into making his series and barely gets any credit or praise as it is. I am making my series and I am now in doubt about whether I should post it or not. Will be blammed by SMBZ fags who will just vote 0 for both and review, "It's not as good as SMBZ so, 0".

Pathetic. Sprite movies are worthless these days unless thay have a connection with SMBZ in some way....


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2009-10-27 10:25:32

I wish I had fans D:


2009-10-28 06:20:15

I agree with you, though

sprite movies are gay


and even alvin has only some talent

he did about 25% of what you see in that movie,

all the rest was done by the big companies

he made the sprites move, made a few customs, and made 3D.

that's it, he's a talentless tosser and so is every other moronic unoriginal "spriter" on the internet.

Lukeyjohnno responds:

Wow, harsh man.

I can see where you're coming from though. But, not every animator can animate sprites, just like that.

But still... I guess you're right =/


2009-10-29 07:48:32

I agree. I don't see what the big deal is. There are so many new things to try out there. Instead, everyone is just becoming faggots just because they think SMBZ is their monarch. Even though I'm not an author, I can somehow feel a lot of the sprite authors pain. I'm getting sick of this as well. Don't let it get to you though. If you quit spriting, you'll be quiting a hobby you like just because others don't like it for some other flash. Besides, I belive your Nazo sereis will be awsome, compared to the other flashes you submitted.

Lukeyjohnno responds:

Thanks, Jet :)


2009-10-29 08:21:20

Aahh, yes. I've been observing reviews this whole year and I noticed how you can't win either way. If Its not SMBZ, then your movie isn't cool. Or if it's SMBZ related, then people will complain about it being a "ripoff".

And that is part of the reason why after like ten months working with Flash I haven't submitted anything yet! (Except my collab part of course, but I'll admit its not original as it does have that DBZ touch to it.)

I'm Kick'n my flip'n butt just to try and come up with something really different (for audience sakes), yet have Mario and Sonic in it too (because I think they rock). I came up with this idea of Mario and Sonic/ starwars crossover. But I later found out that Sonicmcbob is doing one already. And I'm a little worried of sparking up competition with him and I wouldn't want to steal the spotlight from him either. But what the heck! I can't be paranoid about everything! Er, right?

I actually got many ideas with the animator's talent. But I totally suck at writing scripts. And I can't decide which one is best! They all seem good to my perspective. I wish I was a good and disciplined script writer!

I bet you wish that too because I haven't seen you come up with an epic stories. ;D

Alternatively I could make just action scenes. But to me, I find the story just as important.

(Updated ) Lukeyjohnno responds:

I agree. And yeah, I'm not so good with stories, but with the currently flash episode I am making now for my series, but me and SatanicGoomba came up with a story together, which rocks ;)

I really wish I could add sonic into my flash as I love to animate with him, but I would get lots and lots of people whining about it being a sonic/mario crossover.

Harry, I am surprised. You are a very talented animator and I am surprised you don't have anything submitted yet.
I look forward to the day you finally do submit something, no matter what it is, I know it will be awesome ;)


2009-10-29 14:40:05

The story rocks....? Well, I don't know what to say! Thanks for that, you really made my day!

Lukeyjohnno responds:

No problem ;D

I should really add your name... Hang on...


2009-11-05 20:07:19

Dude im with u there. Ive seen sum stuff that does indeed put SMBZ to SHAME!!! but u never here about stuff like that. I mean look at Proxicides vids!! THOSE ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! sure alvins got sum considerable skill to be sure, but COME ON!! SMBZ is hardly sumthin i speak of at youtube. great series, but WAAAAY too much hype.

(Updated ) Lukeyjohnno responds:

thanks bro :)

Youtube, eh? g


2009-11-05 20:10:45

nuthin against the series though. just sayin that its not sooooo awesome when u really break it down.