My Planz

2009-12-14 17:22:44 by Lukeyjohnno

I plan on making not only my "SecreShrooms" flash series, but another set of flash episodes called "The Sonic Act Shorts".

Basically these will be shorts of Sonic Dashing through levels then facing an enemy at the end :D
I kinda look forward to doing it, as I don't animate very often ...


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2009-12-14 20:52:47

Good lookin plans ya got there.

Lukeyjohnno responds:

Ty :D


2009-12-15 06:22:41

Doh! I'm so eager about your SecreShrooms. things were really starting to heat up. And its fine if you take your time. I'm rather stuck with this slow pace of work I'm doing now.

Lukeyjohnno responds:

Yeah I know... The flash is all horribly made though. I just wanna get it done, but working with it is starting to annoy me. It's my fault obviously for not making it well... D: