Visit my two YouTube Channelz.

2009-12-21 08:18:48 by Lukeyjohnno

My Flash Upload Channel

My Let's Plays Channel

Have fun :3

My Planz

2009-12-14 17:22:44 by Lukeyjohnno

I plan on making not only my "SecreShrooms" flash series, but another set of flash episodes called "The Sonic Act Shorts".

Basically these will be shorts of Sonic Dashing through levels then facing an enemy at the end :D
I kinda look forward to doing it, as I don't animate very often ...

Bedroom switch with my sister.. (WOOT BIGGER ROOM! :D)

So I won't be animating for a while, if you want a preview of a small flash I am doing now, PM me.

Also, website will be sexy once I get the blog up and running.

Also, be posting resources for you guys. Like effects and sprites sheets. :)

Web Link To My Site /post/391708


Enough said.

SMBZ This, SMBZ That.

Guys, stop comparing everything to SMBZ!!! Me and Shade are sick and tired of hearing the same sh*t!

SMBZ isn't the only great flash out there you know, Shade put's his heart and soul into making his series and barely gets any credit or praise as it is. I am making my series and I am now in doubt about whether I should post it or not. Will be blammed by SMBZ fags who will just vote 0 for both and review, "It's not as good as SMBZ so, 0".

Pathetic. Sprite movies are worthless these days unless thay have a connection with SMBZ in some way....

Wow. + Recent Updates

2009-10-19 12:34:18 by Lukeyjohnno

Wow, feels weird being back >__> Sorry for the trouble =P

Current Flash Projects Underway,
- Mario, Luigi and The Secret Shrooms.
- Mario Bloopers
- Nazo Unleashed

Now, Nazo Unleashed will not be made anytime soon, in fact, I don't even have the sprites for him yet. Me and Shadefalcon are still making them.

The SecretShrooms flash is coming along awesomely. I can't wait to finish and post it :D

Super Mario Bloopers, Meh, I was bored at school. Probably make it after M&L : SS.

Weeeeell, that's all I got for you guys now.

Stay tuned for more updates :D

- LukeyJohnno

Changed Account

2008-10-22 16:55:19 by Lukeyjohnno

Just to let you guys know.
I changed accounts.
I am now at


2008-04-18 04:18:26 by Lukeyjohnno

Does anyone know how to make the stage move without actually moving it?
Maybe make an image that sets the stage?
I know Alvin Earthworm does it that way.
If you can help please comment!


2008-02-14 13:40:53 by Lukeyjohnno

Yay! I'm a loner!!!! Lol
Someone post! ;_;